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Sun Jul 9 23:06:04 PDT 2000

Greetings unto all to whom these presents shall come from Lord Stephen 
Macthomas, host of the monthly Stargate Bardic Circle:

All are reminded that the bards of Stargate and neighboring groups throughout 
the area are invited to come out to the Stargate Bardic Circle this Tuesday, 
July 11, at the joint Stargate/Loch combined fighter practice held at the 
University of Houston.  We'll begin at 8:30 following the Music Guild hosted 
by HL Gerald of Leesville and this month we'll be discussing bard books for 
beginners.  What songs, poems, stories and techniques should be included in a 
theoretical "welcome wagon"-type gift for a brand-new bard?  We expect the 
discussion to take the majority, but probably not all, of our usual bardic 
time, as we'll probably wind up performing before all is said and done.  

If you've never done bardic before, but have always been interested in 
learning, this is a perfect opportunity to do so.  Oftentimes we've been led 
in sing-a-longs, with many in attendance more than willing to share their 
copies of the lyrics.  Specific pieces are also taught and can be requested.  
It's a chance to start out in a no-pressure, fun-filled environment, and make 
some new friends in the process.

Getting there is easy:  Take your best route to Interstate 45, just south of 
downtown Houston, and take the Cullen exit.  From 45 South, turn right onto 
Cullen; from 45 North, turn left.  Take a left at Entrance 13 and head for 
the trees on the right of the parking lot you've just entered.  We're quite 
easy to spot.

Hope to see lots of you there on Tuesday evening!

In service,
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