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Wed Jul 12 11:50:47 PDT 2000

This Saturday, Brothers 3 will be playing at the Dallas International
Festival. I will let the schedule from DI's own Website do the talkin':

Schedule of Events
Ongoing:  food, entertainment, children's activities
10 am  Doors open
11:30  Naturalization Ceremony
1:00   BEST of Dallas I
2:00   Global Face of Dallas
          Merengue lesson
3:00   BEST of Dallas II
4:00   Salsa lesson
5:00   BEST of Dallas III
6:00   Global Drum Circle
6:30   Marketplace closes
   	FIESTA with Criollisimo begins
8:00   FESTIVAL closes

BEST of Dallas Programs
will be held in the Eugene McDermott Concert Hall in the Meyerson

BEST of Dallas I
American Indian:  Turtle Warrior
China:  Mei Hsiu Chan Chinese Dance Theatre
Australia:  Brother
India:  Noopur Dance Academy
           Indian Cultural Heritage Society
Jamaica:  Watusi

BEST of Dallas II
Kurdistan:  Kurdish dancers
Peru:  La Semilla
USA:  Voices of Praise from the Temple of Faith
Mexico:  Anita Martinez Ballet Folklorico

BEST of Dallas III
Chile:  Chilean Folklife
The World:  Buddy Mohmed
Ireland:  Emerald School of Irish Dance
USA:  Dallas International Humanitarian awards
Guinea:  Moussa Diabate dancers and drummers

in the Meyerson west foyer
10:15am - 11am
	Mexico 2000–Youth Troupe (Mexico)
	Tango Argentino Dallas (Argentina)
	Mexico 2000–Adult Troupe (Mexico)

11am - 12pm
	Noopur Dance Academy
	Yayu Khoe (China)
	Heritage Brass Band (USA)
	Voces de Chile (Chile)

12pm - 1pm
	La Semilla (Peru)
	Salaam Palestinian Dancers
	Bangladeshi Association of N. Texas
	Falun Dafa (China)

1pm - 2pm
	Ballet Folklorico Jaguara (Mexico)
	Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas
	Dallas Storytelling Guild (USA)
	Panamanian Folklore Dancers (Panama)

2pm - 3pm
	Indonesian Community Association (Indonesia)
	Argentina 2000
	Daniel de Cordoba Bailes Españoles (Spain)
	Maharlika Dancers (Philippines)

3pm - 4pm
	Skyliners (USA)
	Spundun (India)
	Conte de Loyo Flamenco Theater  (Spain)
	Rimonim Music and Dance Company (Jewish)

4pm -- 5pm
	Ayubu Kamau Sacred African Drum & Dance Society
	Dallas Scottish Country Dancers (Scotland)
	Behar Bosnian Band and Folk Dancers (Bosnia)
	Darpan Dance Academy (India)
	Mei Hsiu Chan Chinese Dance Theatre (Taiwan)

5pm - 6pm
	Calico Kids Show Troupe (USA)
	Ballet Folklorico Huehuecoyotl (Mexico)
	TURANT Turkish Dancers
	Dallas Czech Singers

6pm - 6:30pm
	Chilean Folklife (Chile)
	Zorya Ukrainian Dancers (Ukraine)

	in the International Food Court in Artist Square

10:30am - 11am
	Dallas Storytelling Guild (USA)
	Donna Fitch (British Isles)

11am - 12pm
	Leil Nahar (Arab States)
	Alpine Dancers (Germany)
	Brother (Australia)

12pm - 1pm
	Venezuela Baila (Venezuela)
	MALIN and her Unity Vibe Dancers (USA)
	Hermanos Egusquiza (Peru)
	4Ever Young (USA)

1pm - 2pm
	Las Gitanas (Spain)
	Classical Indian Music on Drums
	Napper Sisters (USA)
	Hmong Community Performers (Laos)

2pm - 3pm
	Dallas Masjid of Al Islam drummers (Africa)
	Ritmo Libre Dance Group (Peru)
	Kontragapi Gamelan  (Philippines)
	Aztlan Dance Company (Mexico)

3pm - 4pm
	Crescent Moon (Middle East)
	Cor Gaeilge Texais (Ireland)
	Igbo Bende War Dancers (Nigeria)
	Miss Asian American Contest

	Brothers 3 (Ireland, British Isles)
	Ponnatee Nittayapume (Thailand)
	I Colori Italiani (Italy)
	The Desert Dancers (Middle East)

5pm - 6pm
	Odinga Kambui Drummers (Africa)
	Hawaiiana Dancers (USA)
	Kobushi Taiko Drummers (Japan)
	Cachikel Indian Ceremony (Guatemala)

All I can say is WOW!

Of course, it's all free! A couple of additional points of interest. . .

If you would be interested in seeing Mark play something a little
check out Buddy Mohmed (listed above) at 1:00PM. Buddy plays his own
blend of Middle-Eastern, jazz, and original music, with longtime friend
sometimes musical conspirator, Mark Menikos. A most unusual blend!
. .yet sophisticated. Also—following the very brief Brothers 3 spot at
race on over (we will be) to see B3's own Martin McCall in his own group,
Japanese Taiko drum troupe Kobushi. And of course, if you're a Celtic
fan, do not miss a rare appearance by those Australian boys, Brother.
Nice name. . .

As always,

Peace, Love, Health, & Success to all!

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