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> The following is from a friend of mine in Trimaris - Is there any 
>  we can give?
>  Most sincerely yours
>  Mirella
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>  Good gentles,
>  There is a song about a young man becoming a mercenary? soldier? The 
>  involves.......
>  Now I've got a horse
>  a fine Andalus (sp?) stallion,
>  and a clever wrought hauberk from over the sea.
>  I've been looking for the whole song for some time now. Would any gentle 
>  knows this song (or where to find it) please send such information along 
>  me?

That is from a song by Duke Conn MacNeil (sp?) formerly of Calontier but I 
believe he currently resides in the Middle kingdom.  I have it on a recording 
he relesed but can't post the lyrics because of copyrite concerns.  You might 
try posting to the Calontier list or the minstrel list and see if it is 
available in an onlie song book or if anyine can put you intouch with Duke 
Conn.  If you can find the tape get it as Conn is wone of the finest bards in 
the Society.

Robert Fitzmorgan
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