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Wed Mar 22 23:35:08 PST 2000

This is the poem I wrote at Gulf War that I performed to open the Order of 
The Rose Tournament.

Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep

Warriors of the Rose

Good People all it pleases me,
The privilege that is ours to see,
The honor, skill and chivalry
Of all the world here on display
Before us on this field this day.

The Noble Ladies of the Rose,
Bestow their favor upon those,
Who's honor, skill and bearing shows
The high ideals we all hold dear.
Our best and brightest gathered here.

Good warriors of the Rose take heed.
With honor let this list proceed.
Neglect no great and noble deed.
Come show us now what you can do.
The known world stands here watching you.

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