Bards - Problems with performing arts at the war

Claudia Smith hastur at
Thu Mar 16 11:53:39 PST 2000

*Deletia about the war and computer* Also there is just not that many performers in the
>kingdom right now. What I would like to know if there is a deeper meaning
>to the non-turn out. 
>I know why I really don't want to go to the war. What is your view point
>on the subject.

You may have just hit it on the head.  There aren't that many performers in the kingdom -- that want to go to the War. It isn't that they don't want to perform.

Keeping in mind that SCA members aren't really well known for being flush with funding, and that the performers often are even less so, perhaps the reason for a smaller turn out was because of the responsibility of getting there, staying at the site for around a week, and getting home (all the while missing work as well as spending the necessary funds)? 

Just a thought.
-Claudia T. Smith

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