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Due to the extreme fire hazard in Outlands this Summer, open fires including outdoor candles, tiki torches, wood and charcoal, etc. are prohibited by New Mexico State Law.  Propane grills and lanterns are allowed, but must be watched closely to prevent causing a grass fire.

The only fire protection available on our land is what we bring with us, so be sure to have a fire extinguisher outside the front of each tent.  Local fire departments are approximately ten miles away.

Padraig O Maoilriain

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  Hail and well met, friends.

  War of the Staked Plains VI
  Castille Llano Estacado
  Shire of Scorpions Hollow (MKA: Clovis, N.M.)
  30 Jun - 4 Jul 2000

  With this missive I do invite one and all to visit our motte and bailey castle for a weekend of great battles, song, dance and heraldic mayhem, er courtly graces.  The prizes for this event are spectacular in all areas.

  Castille Llano Estacado construction is well underway on our 30 acre site located North of Clovis, NM.  The upper palisade is approximately 2/3 complete as of this writing, with several feet of wall going up each week.  Photos from about 3 weeks ago are available on the event web page listed below.  Currently, drinking water is piped in. We hope to drill a water well by next year, and the Arbor Foundation has sent us many young trees to plant for shade.  (Our rather full tree nursery is currently maintained off site.)  We are building a gatehouse at the site entrance and a large pavilion in the campgrounds before the June event.  We have cleared the campgrounds, Bardic circle, list fields, equestrian meadow and archery range for permanent use.

  Note: Folks who come to assist with site construction are welcome to negotiate permanent campsite development for your branch with our Land Warden.

  Read more about the event and the castille at:

  Scribed by my hand,

  Lord Padraig O Maoilriain
  The Roving Bard
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