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> I've been up to my ears Coding the new Site for the Bardic College. weeding 
> through literaly thousands of peices of material. Kingdom Histories, 
> Documentation, and Bardic Intrest Materials and now I'm finaly in a 
> to put it all together. Now I need A little Help From You all.
>  I have a few areas of the site I need information for.
>  One is a new section The Bards Gallery It is a section Dedicated to all 
> Bards Of Ansteorra. A place were any Bard in the kingdom Can showcase there 
> work. If you would Like to Be included in the Gallery What I would Like to 
> get is a Breif Personna Biography, Pictures If you have them, and the Works 
> you have done that you would Like showcassed and a note if you want these 
> works added to the on line Bard Book which will be able to be accessed on 
> line as well as downloaded

You are free to use anything I've added to my web page as well as anything I 
post to the Bards list.   I have been bard of Northkeep twice, bard of 
Elfsea, and Minstral of Moonechadowe.   I am currently Northern Regional 
bard, bard of Eldern Hills and bard of Wastelands.    The address for my web 
page is:

>  I Also Need information about Past Titled Bards throughout our kingdom I 
> already have the List for the Barony Of Elfsea and the Shire Of 
> information on the past title Bards of Other groups is hard to come by. if 
> any of you have any information on a List of your groups present and Past 
> Titeled Bards and possibly a list of whos Been Priemer Bard in this kingdom 
> it would be a great help.
The titled Bards for Northkeep are:

1.  Willow 
2.  Ld. Kerian O'Connacht
3.  H.L. Robert Fitzmorgan
4.  H.L. Ismet al Din Bithiah
5.  Ld. Puck Oneshoe
6.  H.L. Rhinnon Redwolf
7.  H.L. Robert Fitzmorgan
8.  Finnegan   -   I'm not sure how to spell the full name or what awards he 
9.  Ld. Gurin Koko-nido
10. H.E. Athelstan  -  Not sure of the spelling.  

We will be choosing our 11th bard in just over 2 weeks.

>  I am also Now taking Papers on Bardic Documetation, Reserch Papers, Class 
> handouts and teaching documents. in all areas of music, vocals, poetry, 
> storytelling, juggling, riddles, puns, instraments, sheet music, music 
> and history, Poetic history and style, prose histoies and style, Theatrical 
> performing, kingdom  and group histories. i could increese the list but I 
> t basicly anything that falls into the bardic and performing arena 
>  It has also Been sugessted to me to Have a Memorandum section in the 
> sites for Bards That have passed. I would like your feed back on wether or 
> not to add this section to The Gallery. 
>  I have been gifted with some of the Past works of Voshti of the flamming 
> tresses and do not know who to contact for permission to post her works any 
> one with information on this area please contact me
>  There is still a lot of work to be done on the new site Before it goes on 
> line. I Could realy use the help everyone has been offering here in the new 
> futer especialy an Editor and a Proofreader
>  if anyone wants a copy of the bardic oerforming material being coded in 
> before the new site is ready please send me a request for it it's about 10 
> megabites of information in total and will have to be sent to you in small 
> peices

I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

>  thank you all
>  In service
>  Lady Simone 
Thank You for the work you are doing to help the Bards of Ansteorra.

Robert Fitzmorgan

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