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Fri May 19 07:54:07 PDT 2000

Galen of Bristol here!

I am most pleased to announce that the new Bard of Elfsea 
is Morgiana Alhazared, of the Canton of Gate's Edge.  Her 
performance was an impressive extemoraneous song, on 
topics given to her by the audience.  She defeated a 
large field of competitors, including some very 
experienced and talented folks.  The judges agreed that 
what she did, we couldn't have done.

Morgiana received some nice jewelry as a keeper price, 
plus she'll be hanging the Elfsea bardic banner outside 
her pavillion for the next year, and wearing the collar 
of the Bard of Elfsea previously worn by Robert 
FitzMorgan and Gurin Koko Nidu.

Now, I'd said there's be a Very Special Prize for the 
Bard of Elfsea, and I want to tell those of you who 
missed my court Sunday morning what that was.

1.  The barony feels that our bard should not only 
entertain our Baron & Baroness and our populace, but also 
spread the news about the wonders of Elfsea, where Life 
is Good.

2.  One of our members, Lord Tarkus Pengryph, a most 
noble and generous patron of bards, mundanely works for 
American Airlines, and receives as a benefit airline 
tickets.  This is a transferable benefit.  

3.  Tarkus has donated roundtrip airline tickets for 2, 
to anywhere in the continental US, to the Barony to be 
given as prizes.  These tickets must be used during the 
calendar year 2000.  Tarkus' wish is that word of Elfsea 
and Ansteorra may be spread to places that Ansteorrans 
don't usually go.

4.  The Barony of Elfsea is sending its new Bard, 
Morgiana, to Trimaris Coronation in the fall, so that 
their next war King and Queen may hear of the wonder of 
Elfsea, where Life is Good, before undertaking to go to 
War against us.

5.  Another pair of roundtrip tickets, to be used during 
the year 2001, will be awarded to someone at Elfsea 
Defender in the fall.  It will probably go to one of the 
Defenders, but we haven't decided which, yet.

6.  Life IS Good in Elfsea.  Spread the word.

I'd like to thank all the many competitors who endured 
the chill night to participate for this title, and also 
my fellow judges, Lord Gurin and Lady Simone.

- Galen of Bristol
Baron of Elfsea

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