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Fri May 19 16:00:30 PDT 2000

Greetings to all from Lord Stephen Macthomas, Seneschal of Gate's Edge and 
Stargate Bardic Circle Host:

His Excellency Elfsea recently gave glowing wordfame to the newest Titled 
Bard of Elfsea, Morgianna Alhazared, who I have had the pleasure of both 
befriending and competing against, most recently at Elfsea Springfaire.  Her 
skill is indeed formidable and I am amazed not only at her ability to compose 
tales out of thin air, as it would seem, but of her ability to recall these 
stories much later, only having told them once.

She is, however, a member of the populace of our sister canton, Westgate.  
With all due respect, Excellency, even *I* get the two of us mixed up 
sometimes.  Gate's Edge and Westgate, that is, not Morgianna and myself.

While I have everyone's attention, as I hope that I still have, Stargate 
hosts a monthly Bardic Circle at the joint fighter practice of Stargate and 
Loch Soillier every second Tuesday.  In June, this will fall on the 13th.  
Everyone who can attend is welcome.  So far we've experienced instrumental 
pieces, songs, stories, impromptu collaborations, instant woodwind lessons, 
mosquitos, and fighters that found resting for the length of a song to be a 
welcome respite in the face of combat.  Contact me privately at 
stephenmacthomas at for more info.

In your service,
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