Bards - New Bard of Namron

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at
Wed May 31 21:32:42 PDT 2000

The Barony of Namron got a new Bard at Beltain a week and a half ago, and my
apologies for taking this long to brag on her.  Obviously


is too shy to mention it here herself. So I'll do it for her :)

It was a wonderful bardic circle, with mead being passed to all entrants if
they were of age, and chocolate to those who were not.  The temperature was
Just Right, the breeze was just enough to make the torches flicker once in a
while, and about forty people found room enough to form a circle.  The
former Bards of Namron aided the Baron in choosing the new Bard, and each
did a piece themselves over the course of the evening.  We had three former
or current Premier Bards of Ansteorra there as well.  The circle did finally
die down, but it was half between midnight and morning before the last of
them went seeking bed or bottle.

Congratulations to Elanor on a fine job, and Namron looks forward to a year
of exceptional grace and inspiring song from her new Bard.

Ulf Gunnarsson
Baron of Namron

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