Bards - TOO Quiet! Hi Sweetie!

Anawyn at Anawyn at
Wed Nov 1 17:28:19 PST 2000

Lord Ivo!
Are you going to be able to make it to Margrave/Vormond this weekend? I have 
a couple of new bardic pieces, but I feel uncertain that I will have them 
memorized by then, so not counting on being in the competition. I will 
certainly be there to listen!
Lord Etienne has come up with a clever bardic selection method - I guess you 
probably have seen the post. We will be picking runes, and if the bard does a 
piece representing the meaning of that rune, it will merit extra points. 
Should be a very good time - weather seems to be with us, and the enthusiasm 
is high with everyone. And, I got a few good jokes to share around the 
Looking Forward,
Lady Anawyn :->
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