Bards - TOO Quiet!

pubear pubear at
Sat Nov 4 19:35:05 PST 2000

It's been a long time, but I'm willing.  Beats sitting around doing nothing.
It's an excellent way to hone your performance skills.

Bersi (new name)
AKA Pubear of Bjornsborg

(yes, I have given to the darkside and decided to become a viking.  Sven,
Sven embrace the darkside feel the power of your rage.  Cut off that head.
Sven feel the power of a horned helmet...  hehehehe)

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> Me...ME ME
> yet I suspect by now that's a given
> Simone
> A Traveling Bard
> Bella wrote:
> >
> > Still here and still barding. So, who is planning on fire walking at
> > Kings and Border Melees? It's been a long time and I am SO ready.
> >
> > Bella
> >
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