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Thu Oct 19 20:36:16 PDT 2000

While trying to catch up on email and cleaning out my mail folders, I ran
across a note of Duchess Willow's about personae playing and entertainment
and feasts and such.  I'd like to describe the way the feast was run at
Namron's Protectorate this year.  The event stewards had this idea, and I
didn't think it would work.  But we tried it and it did.

First, the particular hall is a bard's worst enemy.  It is noisy and eats
sound.  People complain about being unable to hear bards when they try to
perform.  And many people do not "hostage dinner theater".

So what they did was set up a slate of entertainment that was primarily
visual and instrumental.  We had court dancing, middle eastern dancing, a
magician, two bards insulting one another's heritage in the form of a loud
story, more dancing, drumming, and more.  People could hear one another to
talk at the table, but still had something entertaining to watch and listen
to.  And it wasn't just background instrumental; this took place in the
center of the hall.  Pieces flowed into one another and around the serving
of the removes, and made for an incredible "feast experience".

The particular stewards in question were Valia of Mares Mist, Dierdre ni
Reilly, and Alexander Ravenshaw.  Word fame where word fame due.


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