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Wed Oct 11 20:00:13 PDT 2000

>Does anyone know what the format for the Bardic Competition will be 
>at Rundel's Margrave next month?
>~Ly Lilas MacGuffin

Why, yes I do!

Unto those subscribed on the Bardic and Northern Region lists come 
greetings from Seigneur Etienne de Saint Amaranth, 5th of the line of 
Title Bards to the Great Canton of Rundel.

It has been my honor to serve as Bard for such a warm and gracious 
group.  And it will be my pleasure (though a difficult one, I know) 
as one of my final duties to preside over the selection of their next 
bard.  I would encourage all bards of our fair kingdom to come to 
Rundel's Margrave/Vormund, November 3-5.  If you have not experienced 
the hospitality of this group, then you have missed one of this 
society's treasures.

To the point, the bardic competition will be held as follows:

~A very brief (I'll try for ten minutes) meeting will be held in the 
morning to go over the rules and answer any last minute questions of 
competitors.  This meeting will be held fifteen minutes after the 
close of morning court (or at 9:30 AM if there is not a morning 
court).  Late comers are welcome!  If you have to choose between 
coming late or not coming at all, then please come late.  I will 
register bardic competitors until 1 PM.

~Bards will compete throughout the day.  You may do all of your 
pieces in one visit to the judges or you may scatter them throughout 
the day.  A deadline for the performance of all pieces to the judges 
will be posted at site and announced to the competitors throughout 
the day.

~Bards may perform in any medium.  The use of multiple forms (story, 
song, poem, dance, etc.) will be considered as a point in your favor, 
but is not required.  Bringing documentation for a period piece or a 
period style will also earn you favor from the judges.

~Bards should plan on having three pieces to perform.  At this time, 
all bards will perform three pieces and the Title Bard will be chosen 
without a finalists' round.  I reserve the right to change this on 
site if there are too many competitors (like last year).  In that 
case each bard will perform two pieces, finalists will be chosen, and 
the finalists will perform a third piece.  (Yes, we had that many 
bards last year!)

~Concerning themes: Rundel is the "Dale of the Runes" or "Valley of 
the Runes".  In honor of this amazing group, each competitor will 
draw three runes from a pouch (two if I have to change the format due 
to numbers).  Nordic runes have meaning and the meaning of each rune 
will be explained to the bards who draw them.  Each bard should try 
to relate, in some manner, each of their pieces to the meaning of one 
of those runes (try to avoid multiple pieces which relate to the same 
rune).  Relating your pieces to the runes will be considered an act 
of honor to the Canton and will encourage the judges to look 
favorably upon you.

To summarize: plan for three pieces, try to match themes with the 
runes you draw, any form, come and go and compete throughout the day, 
check schedule on site, have fun and enjoy Rundel's hospitality.

In service to the Canton of Rundel,
Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
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