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Wed Oct 11 20:55:00 PDT 2000

Your Excellency

What will be the  format for the KE?
Willow de Wisp

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000 22:23:20 -0500 "Ulf Gunnarsson" <ulfie at>
> The Barony of the Steppes has graciously allowed us to hold Kingdom
> Eisteddfod at their 12th Night event.  I will be finalizing details 
> soon,
> such as what time, styles, etc.  I will relay them here when I have 
> them.
> Suggestions are certainly acceptable, but make them soon.
> I apologize for the delay in getting this information out.  I felt 
> very
> strongly about placing Eisteddfod either by itself or with another 
> event
> that had no fighting, that the Crown would be attending, and said 
> event
> could NOT be Laurels Prize Tourney or Kingdom A&S.
> The Crown will be in attendance at Steppes, and once I find out when 
> the
> Laurel's circle is to be held, I can set a schedule for the 
> Eisteddfod.  We
> will be using the stage area for the competition, and possible 
> seating, and
> have been asked to volunteer some help in setting things back up for 
> court.
> Thanks, and I'll follow this up soon.
> Ulf Gunnarsson
> Premier Bard of Ansteorra
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