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 Ivo Blackhawk wrote:

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>For what it is worth, I would suggest and baronial or even inter-kingdom 
>level event with lots of fighting, A&S, high persona and camping, that will 
>give you lots of reasons for the newer bards to show up.  Bottom line, I 
>will not "vote" on a stick jock event for the reasons above, and will 
>continue to suggest other, more rounded, venues. But when it's all done, 
>wherever it is, Ill try and be there, and give my all.
>Lord Ivo Blackhawk


Hello all --

Antigonus, again.

I'm trying to address each of these replies one by one.

Thank you, Lord Ivo, for a very observant and well worded comment.

The issue here, I think, is one of the same issues of holding any bardic competition anywhere: What if nobody comes?  What event is most accessable to those who want to compete?

The answer, as far as I can see, is exposure.  For example:  everyone knows that the Barony of the Steppes holds their title bardic at Steppes Warlord every year.  It is a highly publicized and very prestigious competition.  It is talked about all year long, and I've even heard bards leaving the competition that night planning what they intend to do next year.  And, as a result, the title of Steppes Bard has become one of the most highly contested and coveted titles in our Fair Kingdom.

Another prime example: Loch Ruadh's premier bardic competition at their recent Lugnasad event.  They publicized it MONTHS in advance, and did so all over.  The resulting competition was excellent, and a most entertaining evening for all.

As part of the nature of a "sponsored" bardic competition, as we have been discussing, it is important to get the word out as soon as possible in order to give both the sponsoring and sponsored bards time to work together.

So, I'm not sure whether a given event is considered to have a high "bardic quotient" or not is really the issue.  I agree with Lord Ivo in that if you want a large competition, hold it at a large event.  If you want a small competition, hold it at a small event.  But, wherever it is held: GET THE WORD OUT.  To use a cliche': "If you build it, they will come."  But, they will only come if they know it will be there.

I will leave off here -- I hope I haven't rambled on TOO much.  This really is just my opinion, and I would very much like to hear some responses on it.

Thank you, all for the replies you have posted thus far.  We seem to have enough interest to actually pull this off, if we can just hash out the details.  I consider myself very fortunate to be part of such a supportive bardic community that is truly interested in investing in its own future.

Much thanx --


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