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Unto the Bardic List, greetings from Master Lucais

Thought some of you performance types might be interested in this.


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> Subject: Historical Movie
> Seneschals of the midwest,
> Greetings! My name is Jessica Crandall and I am the production manager for
> 35mm feature film that in pre production in Northwest Arkansas. Our studio
> is seeking extras for some of the "daily life" and large battle scenes in
> this historical production, and we wanted to alert your group about this
> opportunity. If you think that members of your group might be interested
> participating in some way, please forward the below portion of this flyer
> to them. If you would like to contact me for more information, please
> to stonesoupstudios at
> Thank you in advance,
> Jessica Crandall
> Production Manager
> Attention SCA Members!
> If you have ever wanted to be on the big screen, now is your chance!
> Soup Studios is seeking extras to take part in a historical, action
> adventure movie entitled Barbarian Poet. The majority of this movie will
> shot on location in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. The movie
> recreates 406 A.D., the year before the beginning of the fall of the Roman
> Empire. The story is set in ancient Germania and will detail the lives of
> fictitious group of Barbarians (made up of members of the Goths, Vandals,
> Alans and Suebi) and their conflicts with a legion of Romans. There are
> opportunities for SCA members to come in garb and perform in both daily
> scenes of life as well as sword battles, and get their faces seen on the
> screen in movie theaters. This is an all volunteer production, so come
> planing to work hard, but have fun!  For people who want to help out,
> will be many opportunities to come and work on the film the last week in
> October and the First week in November (when we will choreograph some of
> big epic battle sequences with as many as 500 people in costume) and over
> the Holiday break in December. If you are interested in participating in
> big epic battle scene, plan on being in Northwest Arkansas the weekend of
> November 4 and 5. See below for contact information.
> The following are guidelines for putting together your own costume should
> you want to do so.
> Costumes will be provided on set for everyone who does not bring their
> NOTE: People may dress up as Barbarians or Romans or both if they choose .
> If Women wish to be Romans, they will need to dress as "men" as the story
> takes place far from Rome.
> Roman Men: For Roman battle costumes: Bring anything roman era that you
> have: gladius swords, Roman helmets, lorica armor, sandals, bows and
> leather belts. (Colored tunics will be provided)
> Barbarian Men: For barbarian battle costumes: Bring any chain maile items,
> long or short swords with narrow pommels and narrow hilts, axes, helmets
> with simple pointed tops or pointed tops with horns an/or nose guard.
> simple tunics of earth colored canvas or other NATURAL earth colored
> Wear simple earth colored trousers or sweat pants and dark colored shoes
> leather boots.  All costumes will need to be soiled and worn looking, if
> possible, to aid authenticity. You may also bring leather pouches or bags
> and dark natural colored capes, and any other period garb.
> Barbarian Women: Earth colored, NATURAL fibers only please! Long draping
> dresses with Germanic style broaches or long tunics (Bible style). Dark
> natural colored capes and dark colored leather shoes. You may also bring
> leather pouches or bags and other period garb and accessories. All
> will need to be soiled and worn looking, if possible, to aid authenticity.
> Women may also come dressed as fighters if they choose. (See Men's costume
> suggestions above)
> Persons with more authentic looking costuming will more likely be up close
> to the camera.
> Everyone who attends will be allowed be an extra in some manner. Non-SCA
> members are also most welcome!
> Children who can follow instructions may also get opportunity to be
> The Barbarian Poet production crew will be traveling to other SCA related
> events throughout the Mid-West during fall/winter 2000 and spring 2001, so
> keep an eye out for us at future events.
> For more information, or to add your name to the Barbarian Poet e-mail
> for periodic news and updates about the production, e-mail us at:
> stonesoupstudios at
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