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Lady Simone lady_simone at
Mon Sep 4 13:23:15 PDT 2000

I have to disagree... many of those so called stick jocks are bards, so are
many of those nobles that attend. just this weekend at gothic there were
three imprompt to bardic circles wit no less than 8 bard in attendance at
any one time.  the draw of bards and people fluxuated during the evening.
but  do nock out fighting events and the bardic draw.  especialy now with
bards as laurels . knights pelicans and landed barons.  you might just be
surprised at the draw to a bardic circle at prodomiantly fighing events.
I've held largess bardic circles at crown tourney that have gone on intill
the wee hours in the morning. we have over 100 bards on the rolls and over a
good half are from the fighing communiuty.
i see this type of circle at an event that normaly does not have a bardic as
something that can go over very well, not just from hope but from
edxperiance in holding simular bardic activities at events not normaly known
for holding them be a tremendous success.

Lady Simone

-don't reject an idea with a closed mind, because of what you think might
happen, try it it might just work. and if it doesn't revaluate, look at what
couls have been don diffrent. Always remember to stay in the solution not
the problem -- na 12x12

> hang on, think that one over! An event that dosn't normaly have a bardic
> venue will most likely not draw many bards. Even if you got the event
> stewards to Okay it, something like three kings is truely a stick jock
> event, I don't envision there being much in the way of old/new bards
> turnout.
> But none the less, where ever it's held and I would like to atend if you
> would have me.
> Lord Ivo Blackhawk
> >think this is a great idea, and will lend any and all support that I
> >For an event to hold it at, I would suggest a venue that does >not
> >have a bardic competition - Elfsea Defender, 3 Kings, >Yule Revel, etc,
> >depending, of course, on the approval of the event >stewards.  I look
> >forward to sponsoring a new bard myself and being >involved with the
> >project.
> >
> >Padraig
> >
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