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Marlin Stout ldcharls at
Mon Sep 4 08:28:29 PDT 2000

Claudia T Smith wrote:
> And this might be a good event for a Yuleish time.  Indoor accoustics would be nice for novices, since they would be far less intimidating that the outdoors. Also, depending on how the event were handled, it could be an interesting diversion/planned presentation, thus securing a slightly larger audience.

  I don't think this would be such a good idea, unless the site has a
room other than the main hall to hold the contest in. Otherwise, noise
from random socialization in the hall would overwhelm the new bards and
render some of them unhearable. Of course, the contest could always be
held outside, but the weather at yuletime in notably unreliable.

  Also, I'm not sure that the criteria discussed may not be too strict.
Certainly anyone who has won a competition shouldn't be considered
'new', but I'm not sure that we should exclude those who have competed
three or four times. Someone suggested two previous competitions as an
upper limit. I think that is just too stringent an upper limit.

Ld Charles MacKinnon
Bryn Gwlad
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