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Mon Sep 4 21:22:17 PDT 2000

As Ivo stated earlier this is an academic debate not a peronal attack no
offence is ment. in my experiance debate is an excelent way to look at all
sides of an issue when used as a tool not a slege hammer. Ivo is excellent
at making me think out my point of view and for that i am always greatful.
and as usual Ivo  you are a gentleman and a schoolar.

It has been my experiance if you promote the bardic at a strong combative
event you normaly get a fair draw. how do we get non-combatant and cobatat
bards at these events as well as the new ones promote them. you make
it the thing to do and place to be.

I suggest if were going to sponcer new bards in a competition we older bards
should take it a step further out side of the competion and help encourge
them in our craft. have them walk the fires with us to entertain the
populace,  encourage them to perform in all venues at all types of events
not just competions. the more we have bards  out in the feild ie walking the
fires, sining around the listfield, performing in the slow times at courts
and feasts

the more we promote the bardic arts with the new bards and withing the
bardic circle the more we can promote them at smaller gatherings and events.
but if we do not promote them and drum up intrest you are correct they will
not have the draw we would be looking for.   In my opinion is is our duty as
bards to promote the circles and competions not just hope folks will be

Lady Simone

---there is a principle which is a bar against all information,
which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail
to keep  man in everlasting ignorance--
That principle is contempt prior to  investigation
                                        -----Herbert Spencer

> Your Gothic war's example is an excellent point, and three circles with
> eight bards each is an excellent turnout. But I am afraid that my own
> experience provides a counterpoint to this. While many of the bards I
> are indeed heavy weapons fighters, many, many more are light weapons, or
> combatants in their entirety. In the past two competitions I have
> less than one in ten of the competitors were fighters in any respect. And
> the last two times I went to B3K, the people there were concerned with
> things and three things only after the fighting, those were drinking,
> celebrating and sleeping.  These are by no means bad things, and that
> is not an absolute, but I personally believe it to be close to accurate at
> the least.
> And yes, many of our chivalry, nobility, and elders are now bards, but
> about the "new bards" contingent. The old guard may be there is abundance,
> but many of out best new bars (up in the north, anyway) are bards and
> only, they probably wouldn't show to a fighting event.
> Yule revel in the north might prove a good option, the Kingdom bardic comp
> last years was a resounding success, but many of the types of people we
> to want to show up at the sponsored bardic comp weren't there, so while it
> is a good time of the year, and a good event, you have that small
> to deal with.
> For what it is worth, I would suggest and baronial or even inter-kingdom
> level event with lots of fighting, A&S, high persona and camping, that
> give you lots of reasons for the newer bards to show up.  Bottom line, I
> will not "vote" on a stick jock event for the reasons above, and will
> continue to suggest other, more rounded, venues. But when it's all done,
> wherever it is, Ill try and be there, and give my all.
> Lord Ivo Blackhawk
> --Faith is a wonderful thing, as is a spirit of adventure, but I find that
> my life's load is best carried when balance with caution, experience and a
> slight measure of reassurance--I.B.
> >I have to disagree... many of those so called stick jocks are bards, so
> >many of those nobles that attend. just this weekend at gothic there were
> >three imprompt to bardic circles wit no less than 8 bard in attendance at
> >any one time.  the draw of bards and people fluxuated during the evening.
> >but  do nock out fighting events and the bardic draw.  especialy now with
> >bards as laurels . knights pelicans and landed barons.  you might just be
> >surprised at the draw to a bardic circle at prodomiantly fighing events.
> >I've held largess bardic circles at crown tourney that have gone on
> >the wee hours in the morning. we have over 100 bards on the rolls and
> >a
> >good half are from the fighing communiuty.
> >i see this type of circle at an event that normaly does not have a bardic
> >as
> >something that can go over very well, not just from hope but from
> >edxperiance in holding simular bardic activities at events not normaly
> >known
> >for holding them be a tremendous success.
> >
> >Lady Simone
> >
> >-don't reject an idea with a closed mind, because of what you think might
> >happen, try it it might just work. and if it doesn't revaluate, look at
> >what
> >couls have been don diffrent. Always remember to stay in the solution not
> >the problem -- na 12x12
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