Bards - Gothic War IX

Lady Simone lady_simone at
Mon Sep 4 21:26:23 PDT 2000

Lord Charles it was my privlage and honor to be of assistance.

it was an excellent competion to judge. I do not envy the choices the judges
next year will have to make if the talent that will show next year was
anywere near the quality we had this year.

I would like to note that Sir Galen and Sir Keif both presented very stiring
peices and thier skill on the bardic feild was outstanding. they were a joy
to watch and listen to.

Lady Simone

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> Greetings to the list,
>   I would like to once again thank Baron Vallust and Lady Simone for
> helping me judge the Bardic competition at this weekend's Gothic War. I
> couldn't have dome it without you, and you have my gratitude.
>   I would also like to congratulate my successors as Bardic Champions of
> Gothic War, Brigid O' Shaunessy and Finian MacLeod. I hope that the
> position brings them the same honor and enjoyment that it brought me.
> (and I hope that I spelled their names right.)
> Ld Charles Mackinnon
> Bardic Champion, Gothic VIII
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