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Ivo Blackhawk ivo_blackhawk at
Mon Sep 4 21:57:33 PDT 2000

While I do not agree with your statements in their entirety, the 
amount of disagreement at this point is trivial, and to that end I will say 
that you and I have now met eye to eye on this issue as in all ways that 
count, agree on how it should be handled.

So, the issues is advertisement. Well, there is always the usual, the Black 
Star and lots of word of mouth, these are always good and should be the 
staple of any notification campaign. But,perhaps there can be another option 
to augment and even magnify any efforts on our part.

What if we were to draft hand written letters (or at least very nicely done 
printed) to each barony, shire and college for their leadership to read 
during the general business meetings. A little too much, maybe?  But perhaps 
the flowery fanfare that we has bards can attack to even the
simplest of messages can be put to use in this way. If we got enough bards 
(and scribes if need be) the task my be as simple as one or two letters per 
person. In the ends, our words can herald the coming of the event with all 
the glory, pomp and circumstance that these normally informal events 
sometime need.  I think that it is high time that we as bards take it upon 
ourselves to use our skills to not only perform, but promote out profession 
and trade craft.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk

–Mind like Parachute, only useful when open– Charlie Chan

>As Ivo stated earlier this is an academic debate not a peronal attack no
>offence is ment. in my experiance debate is an excelent way to look at all
>sides of an issue when used as a tool not a slege hammer. Ivo is excellent
>at making me think out my point of view and for that i am always greatful.
>and as usual Ivo  you are a gentleman and a schoolar.
>It has been my experiance if you promote the bardic at a strong combative
>event you normaly get a fair draw. how do we get non-combatant and cobatat
>bards at these events as well as the new ones promote them. you make
>it the thing to do and place to be.
>I suggest if were going to sponcer new bards in a competition we older 
>should take it a step further out side of the competion and help encourge
>them in our craft. have them walk the fires with us to entertain the
>populace,  encourage them to perform in all venues at all types of events
>not just competions. the more we have bards  out in the feild ie walking 
>fires, sining around the listfield, performing in the slow times at courts
>and feasts
>the more we promote the bardic arts with the new bards and withing the
>bardic circle the more we can promote them at smaller gatherings and 
>but if we do not promote them and drum up intrest you are correct they will
>not have the draw we would be looking for.   In my opinion is is our duty 
>bards to promote the circles and competions not just hope folks will be
>Lady Simone
>---there is a principle which is a bar against all information,
>which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail
>to keep  man in everlasting ignorance--
>That principle is contempt prior to  investigation
>                                         -----Herbert Spencer

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