Bards - FW: ANST - Assitance for one of out Atlantian Allies

Ivo Blackhawk ivo_blackhawk at
Mon Sep 11 06:10:16 PDT 2000

Talk to Sir Burk! He has them that I know for a fact. He told me as much 
some time back. I think the performer is named "Silverhands", if I'm wrong 
let me say sorry now. But I do remimber talking with him after his 
performance and he said that all were free to use the poem. Also, If you get 
a copy, please send me a copy as well, Ive been wanting to perform that 
particular piece for a while myself.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk

> > Hello.  My name is Emma of Elandonan, Kingdom of Atlantia.  I am writing
> > you because you are a troubadour and you are from Ansteorra.
> > I'm looking for the words to an Ansteorrian poem that I was
> > impressed with
> > at Gulf War last year.  I'm not sure of the name but I believe it may be
> > called "Know ye my Lady?"
> >
> > It was performed at Ansteorrian court.  Are you familiar with
> > this piece?
> > Could you provide me with the words or are you familiar with another
> > individual who would know them?

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