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Mon Apr 2 08:47:32 PDT 2001


Greetings unto the bards of Ansteorra from their cousin to the far North. 

I wanted to introduce myself and ask for some help. My name is Garraed Galbraith and I live up in Ealdormere (Ontario, Canada). I was recently able to attend Gulf Wars where I was able to meet some of you (in the coffee house, at the circles, etc). In the course of my wanderings I met a lady harpist named (I think) Lady Eleanor Fairchild (??) who was playing in the market with Master Efenwealt Wystle of Atlantia...

I am hoping someone here might have contact information for her, as we both are looking to speak with her again :)

Thank you so much for any help you can offer

Yours in Service,

Garraed Galbraith
Oathbound beltson to Hector of the Black Height

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