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Mon Apr 16 18:47:31 PDT 2001

To the north of the fair land of Ansteorra, I do bid you all greetings.

I do thank all of the bards for the kind words of praise, and I thank 
everyone for the effort that was put into Northern Regional Warlord, it was 
an event worthy of the trip, and the fighting was worthy of the people who 
traveled there to join in it.

This has been, in a subtle way, and exceptional event for me. I was reminded 
of why I first joined the SCA in many respects, and am now reminded of why I 
can never truly go back to the simple state of awe I had as a new comber, 
but must now move on to contribute in creating to that mind set so that 
others, new or veteran, can see even more glimpses of what we call the 

I am now the Northern Regional Bard, the bardic champion of the region that 
I am a good deal of my friends call home. My scroll tells me that I must 
help muster the bards of the north in preparation for Gulf Wars. Weather or 
not I am a great, or even good bard is for the crowds to judge, I will 
preform for the pleasure of the masses so long as they will hear my tales. 
But as a titled bard, I will now strive to be a great leader.

To all the bards of the north, I will begin an Ernest quest to meet as many 
of you as I can, by events, by revels and by general meetings. I will visit 
every group in the norther region by Christmas in the hopes of meeting all 
the bards that are out there, this is my promise to you, the bards and 
people of the north.

Also, starting now, as a champion who's responsibility is to the people of 
the north, I will talk with any bard who would seek time with me. If any of 
the contact points below are active, then I may be spoke to, night or day, 
rain or shine. Be it only to say hello, or to debate the very nature of 
bardic, I invite one and ALL to seek me out directly for an exchange. I am 
new to many aspects of this, and lacking in some fields, but I have a good 
deal of time to rectify my shortcomings. I am going to inquire into some 
information in the next few weeks, then, after a months time I will post to 
the list some other plans that I am formulating. By God, I will set forth to 
call up the bards of the northern region that the best may be pitted against 
the might of our enemy.

I thank you one and all, again for this chance to serve the Norther Region 
and help contribute to the dream.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk
Northern Regional Bard
"God Save the King!"

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