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I feel that I need to "testify," since I was the only one who heard him, 
besides Lord Geo, who was judging. I want to say that, although I did not 
hear all the others, I am confident that the choice was a worthy one.
Lord Ivo has that rare gift of a storyteller, not only to come up with a 
really good story at a moments notice, but to make the audience feel so 
completely captivated, that they are able to slip away from all that is 
around them, and simply immerse themselves in the tale.
Ivo, you tell your tales with such passion and conviction, I experienced a 
moment or two when I taken by the realism; so much so, that I felt I had 
indeed peeked into the Middle Ages, and caught a glimpse of a thing that had 
actually taken place.
Bravo for a well deserved win - please give your story again at Castellan so 
that others may hear it.
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