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Sam Milligan padraig_ruad at
Tue Apr 17 07:28:58 PDT 2001

>On Mon, 16 Apr 2001 22:52:59 EDT Fitzmorgan at writes:
>Lord Fitzmorgan and fellow bards, if my message about the changing of my
>e-mail address offended anyone, I do apologize.  I wanted to make sure
>that each of you knew that my address had changed because I have been so
>out of touch due to mundane situations.  I did not mean to upset anyone
>and as most of you know I am quite inept when it comes to the computer
>and make mistakes.  Be it noted that I am not sure just how I might have
>offended the bardic list with my message, but apparently I have or I
>would not have gotten my message back from the host.
>Once again I apologize for any inconvience.
>Kateryne la Esclopiera

On the contrary, good lady.  Majordomo, and most other mail list software, has lists of words and phrases that can be taken as commands.  If these are found out of context in an email, or if they come from someone without administrator authority, the software automatically kicks the message out to be resubmitted or to be manually okay'd by the list administrator.  I believe this is most likely what happened with your message.  I can't believe that anyone would be offended by one of our own trying to make it easier to communicate with her.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but often gives us strange and sometimes unpleasant surprises.

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