[Bards] Wiesenfeur Format

Donald Riney dariusobells at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 16 21:16:26 PDT 2001

Greetings my fellow bards!

Weisenfeuer Baronial championchip will bee here before you know it so I
thought I would let everybody in on the format for this year.

The competition will be held in the afternoon and will consist of two
rounds. all competitors will be expected to perform in both rounds.

The first round will be _period or original pieces only._ Oral Documentation
of Period pieces would be a good thing, as well as a good intro for the
original ones.

The second round is Bards choice perform what ever you the Bard of
Wiesenfeuer should perform.

Now as to the word Original... Any piece you have written. I do consider
original words to an exisitant melody to be fair game as this was a period

Bard of Weisenfeuer

"Besides the artist two things are to be considered in every art, -
the instrument and the audience" - Sir Walter Raliegh

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