[Bards] Sir Bela of Eastmarch

Marlin Stout ldcharles at ev1.net
Thu Aug 2 05:57:23 PDT 2001

Ulf Gunnarsson wrote:
> Sir Bela of Eastmarch, better known to the public as author Poul Anderson,
> passed away last night/early this morning.  He was battling a form of
> prostate cancer.  Here is a note from his wife Karen and his daughter
> Astrid:
> But I am very curious, and per chance someone here knows this.  Was "The
> Baron of Eastmarch" written about him, or was it about another person?
> Ulf Gunnarsson

 If I'm thinking of the same piece you are, the correct title is
Karelia's Song, and I would think the answer is no. But you would have
to ask Master Iolo FitzOwen to be sure, since he wrote it.

Ld Charles Mackinnon
Bryn Gwlad

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