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> Third, Lord Iain MacCrimmon, your poem was hideous and made me
> shiver.

        Thank you very much. Apparently you actually know the girl, hmmm?
        I'll be diplomatic and not ask what her real name is. Now that I
think about it, I really don't want to know. The disclamer at the
beginning is there for reasons of survival.

> competition. Light hearted Poetry like that is an excellent way to
> set the

        The only time I have performed it for competition was at the last
Steppes Warlord. While I had enjoyed a lot of things that had gone
before, there was so much seriousness, so much "love, honor and duty"
that had gone before me, that I had found the mood to be FAR too heavy by
the time it got to me. I decided on that piece about 5 - 10 minutes
before I did it, simply because I thought the mood of the group badly
needed to be brought back up. It worked.
        One of the things that impressed me more than most was something
Master Robin of Gilwell did at Springfaire a year ago. He began by asking
his audience if they liked tales of valor, songs of heroes, stories about
brave deeds and honorable people. After having recieved a chorus of
"yeah"s, he informed us that then perhaps now would be a good time to go
to the privy or fill up our mugs. The result was the he had control of
the audience's mood before he ever began his piece.

              Iain MacCrimmon

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