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Mon Aug 6 13:45:07 PDT 2001

Having had the b pleassure of hearing you perform it - it is lovely. I'll
check the "style and format" at home this evening if I may?

Mirella di Bastianni

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>        Good Gentles,
>        I would like to submit this piece for critique. I don't know
>anything really about "style" or "form", but I can recognize the pattern
>of this one as being the same as limericks. The few times I have
>performed it, I have found it to be effective. The disclaimer at the
>beginning is part of the piece.
>              Thanks again,
>                      Iain MacCrimmon
>        The following is a work of fiction. The characters represented
>herein are not meant to bear any resemblance to any actual persons,
>living or dead. With your permission,
>                                                        Elegy
>        Lords and Ladies, neighbors and kinsmen,
>        From the High, the Middle, and the Low,
>        We're here for the wake of my darlin' Kate,
>        The ugliest woman I know.
>        Her hair was the color of wattle and daub,
>        Not a wave, not a shimmer, not a curl.
>        She had her nose broken when he was a child,
>        And again when she was a girl.
>        She had her a figure I have to admit,
>        Not unlike some fighters I know.
>        She could give you a fright in the wee of the night,
>        When she wanted to give it a go.
>        Her ears and her teeth were rather too large.
>        They seemed to go on for a day.
>        You could tell for a mile whenever she'd smile.
>        Some folk would run screamin' away.
>        Her eyes were as dark as a two-day-old bruise.
>        She invented the look that could kill.
>        Perhaps it's best that she's gone to her rest,
>        But damme I love her still.
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