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as seen on the SCA humor e-list:

It's Still Viking Garb To Me

Whatsa mater with the garb I'm wearing?
Don't you know your own folklore?
Maybe I should make some old Norse Clothes?
Welcome back to the Age of Thor
Where have you been hanging out lately, merchant?

You can't dress a'viking till you rob a couple
Everybody talking `bout their new look
Crazy, But it's still Viking Garb for me

Whatsa matter with the sword I'm bearing?
Can't you tell it's the wrong era too?
Should I get a pair of good throwing axes?
Only really, if you want to get sued.
Nowadays you can't bear too much metal.
Your best bets to swear that its all ornamental.
Cheap steal, annealed, even if it's not real.
It's still Viking Garb for me.

Oh, it doesn't matter where they said the stuff
was from
`Cause they probably got raided too
There's a new cloth in town
But they won't let you ground
After sailing all the seven seas
Have to see what we can seize....

How about a pair of blue cotton tunics
And a bright orange pair of pants?
You could really be a sight to behold
If you just gave it half a chance.
Don't waste your money on a set of new garments
You'll get more mileage from a full cloak of
Fun fur, terrier, slow-moving villager
It's all Viking Garb to me.

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