Bards - Tag Tale Part 1

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Tue Jan 9 21:16:29 PST 2001

Well we wouldn't want Ivo to get bored.  How about a game of Tag Tale?  I'll 
start and some one run with it.  First come first served. 


Tag Tale 
Part 1 by Robert Fitzmorgan

    Sven stood at the prow of his longship.  The rolling of the ship a match 
to the rolling in his gut.  The sun was peaking over the horizon like a giant 
bloodshot eye.  He had drunk a great deal of mead the night before, everyone 
had.  Not enough though.  Not enough for them to forget ...  Was there enough 
mead in all the world to make them forget that?  The oarsmen were intently 
studying the sunrise, the sea or the backs of their companions, looking 
anywhere but at him.  No one dared to look at him.  
    It was time to decide on a destination.  It would have to be Ireland.  No 
one knew him in Ireland.  He would have to do something very impressive if he 
was ever to show his face at home again.  He would have to build a reputation 
so fierce that know one would dare to so much as smile behind his back.  Not 
that they would forget.  They would never forget.  
    If only it hadn't been Gunther's pig.

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