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             Sven stood firm and silent, his demeanor like that of a swan's 
smoothe gliding over a calm lake. But underneath... How could these people 
know? And how much? Gunthers pig was only the end of that tale ; a very long 
tale, and if thats all they knew him for, so much the better. He regained his 
inner resolve. Sven spoke. "Yes" he said. He would face his fate mightily 
like the hero he was. Besides, he thought to himself, word fame is word fame. 
There was no laughter, no shocked looks. The chief the warrior and the woman 
looked at each other. Something palpable passed between them as if some .... 
The chief started forward, but the woman stayed him with a touch to his arm. 
Then she spoke."I want you to meet our daughter...


You know, after this weekend I didn't think I could hold Ansteorran bards in 
greater esteem. And then this...  :-)
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