Bards - Administrative Reminder

Fitzmorgan at Fitzmorgan at
Mon Jan 22 22:04:09 PST 2001

Greetings from your friendly list administrator.  

    This seemed like a good time to remind everyone of the policy on posting 
material to this list.  No one has violated this policy in a while,  I,m just 
posting a reminder as we do have a lot of new people here. 

    You are encouraged to post any material that you have written yourself.  
In fact that is one of the reasons the list is here.  You should not post 
material written by others unless you have their permission to do so.  If 
someone makes a request, and you have what they are seeking, please get 
permission from the author before posting it here or send it to them privatly.

    I want to thank the members of this list for their cooperation in 
following this neccessary policy.  There has only been one violation in the 
entire time the list has been active.

Robert Fitzmorgan
List Administrator
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