Bards - Bryn Gwlad Candlemas Bardic Competition

Elaine de Lyons elainedelyons at
Tue Jan 30 21:21:35 PST 2001

For the Bryn Gwlad bardic, you can perform as many pieces as you want in as 
long as each piece is in a different style.  For right now, I'm counting 
styles as:

1.  Song
2.  Poem
3.  Story
4.  Instrumental
5.  Physical Entertainment
6.  Original Piece
7.  Improv.

The improv category is the semi-standard pull 3 pieces of paper out of a hat 
and you have approximately 15 minutes to write a piece using all three 
elements type of thing.

You can do 2 songs as long as one is original.  Also, if you can bring us 
***written documentation*** illustrating the differences between two pieces 
(say a Norse poem and an Elizabethan sonnet) and convince the judges they 
should be counted as two different categories, we'll do so.  Each piece will 
be scored on five different points:  oral documentation, emotion, poise, 
articulation, and appeal.  Max of 6 points on each for a 30 point 
performance piece total.  If you do multiple categories, the scores will be 
averaged, and the performer will get an additional points for each style 
performed past the first style.   Doing pieces in multiple styles can help 
you if you are proficient in multiple styles, but don't pick up a recorder 
and struggle through Greensleeves just to get in one more style.  Don't 
think about the math too much, just get out there and show us your best 

The math is for the judges to worry about - it really helped us at Stargate 
Yule when it came time to choose a winner - but if you really want to know 
all the gory details, email me and I'll fill you in.

I look forward to seeing and hearing many wonderful performances on 

Elaine de Lyons
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