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> OK, I've been waiting patiently for news. So who is the new Kingdom Bard?
> Bella
    We had a wonderful competition with 16 bards entered.  It was without 
doubt one of the most enjoyable competitions I've ever been a part of.  I 
can't recall a group of bards that were so enthusiastic about the successes 
of their competitors and so supportive of one another.  The performances were 
of the highest quality.  To paraphrase Master Robin, I would put the 
performances that LOST up against any bards anywhere.  It was wonderful.  If 
there is anything better than being a bard in Ansteorra I don't know what it 
would be.  
    Excuse me if I mangle any names.  The final round was between Ian 
MacFergus, Giovanni de Cellini and Elenore Fairchild.  The new Kingdom Bard 
of Ansteorra is Elenore Fairchild.  I believe she is from Stargate.  Her 
performances were stunningly beautiful as is the lady herself.  She plays the 
harp and sings with exquisite skill.  The last piece she did was one of the 
Lays of Marie D' France called the Nightingale.  It was one of the best 
performances I've ever witnessed.  
    As good as she is it was no easy win.  There were no bad performances, 
and a great many great performances.  Elenore O'Rourak was excellent as 
always.  Darius of the Bells was in top form.  I had seen Ian MacFergus 
before but this was the first time I had the opportunity to hear him at 
length.  I am very impressed.  Gio was in execellent form doing severel 
peices very well.  This was the first time I had the pleasure of hearing 
Morgianna (I'm sure I have that name wrong,  She is the current bard of 
Elfsea) She is just so so good.  It is so much fun to watch her take command 
of a stage, especially when she is telling a story.  I also had the great 
pleasure to here for the first time a bard named Uriah.  (Not Wolfstar's 
Uriah, a different one).  He was very into persona with both his choice of 
material and his presentation.  He was a lot of fun to watch.  Philip White 
did a wide verity of material, all in persona and all very well done.  Anawyn 
de Bardolph did 2 songs and a poem.  She wrote them all herself and performed 
them quite well. Antiginus almost made it to the finals and I was fully 
expecting him to be there right to the end.  He just gets better and better 
each time I see him.  
    I know I'm leaving people out,  and I don't mean that to be a slight to 
anyone.  Everyone there is deserving of  word fame.  But most of the 
competition I was focused on my own upcoming performances.  Besides I could 
go on all night and not adequately praise the performers I heard this weekend.

Robert Fitzmorgan
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