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Mon Jan 8 09:21:21 PST 2001

> Robert Fitzmorgan wrote:
> We had a wonderful competition with 16 bards entered. It was without doubt
> one of the most enjoyable competitions I've ever been a part of. I 
> can't recall a group of bards that were so enthusiastic about the
> successes of their competitors and so supportive of one another. The
> performances were of the highest quality. To paraphrase Master Robin, I
> would put the performances that LOST up against any bards anywhere. It was
> wonderful. If 
> there is anything better than being a bard in Ansteorra I don't know what
> it would be. 
> <snip>
> I join Robert's high praise for the calabre and character of the
> competitors in this year's Eisteddfod.  Early in the day, Mistress Xene
> remarked that an "air of goodwill" seemed to pervade the revel hall.  No
> where was that more tangible than on and around the stage.  It continued
> throughout the day and even after the competition ended as bards sought
> out one another to offer praise.
> It is with full heart and joy that I add my congratulations to Eleanor
> Fairchild, so appropriately named -- and so appropriately named Kingdom
> Bard.  I am in awe.
> Also, I believe I speak for all of us in thanking Masters Ulf, Modius,
> Robin & Galen for their time and effort and offer especial thanks to
> Countess Sara for an absolutely brilliant ingredient to ice the day's
> cake. 
> --ihon
> John Hirling, 20th Century Cleric and all around nice guy --
> skypilot at
> hl ihon vinson macfergus, 15th century lowland Scot and all around nice
> guy -- jhirling at
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