Bards - whatever....

Kateryne la Escolpiera rendagimppie at
Tue Jan 9 17:11:58 PST 2001

geez!! do I smell a challenge???

oh, btw...hello everyone!
Ryne the Gimp
--- Ivo Blackhawk <ivo_blackhawk at> wrote:
> You know, for a bunch of people who's claim to fame
> is the ability to 
> glorify all manner of man and beast with word-fame
> and song, this list is 
> pretty dammed quiet most of the time!
> my two pents...
> Ivo Blackhawk
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Kateryn la Esclopiera

Il est bon d'etre la ganse.
(It's good to be the gimp.)
               -Ryn the Gimp

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