Bards - May I pick your collective brains?

Karen Setze ksetze at
Tue Jan 9 17:54:08 PST 2001

If you're going to wake them up, can I ask a few questions?

Years ago (maybe 15), I heard a gentleman at a Bordermarch bardic championship
sing a wonderful ballad about life patrolling the border. It included a chorus
about how they drank more and were wilder because of  dangers they faced, and
included a line about dancing on the edge of the sword.
Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Here's a more recent song I'm searching for. Again at Bordermarch, at a fall
melees just a couple of years ago (when Simon and Tessa were installed as Vicar
and Vicaress), a young lady sang about women warriors.
Cydric the Fiddler said it was by a female folksong group out of Austin, the
name of which had something to do with ravens. Sound familiar?

Any hints on either song would be much appreciated!

Yseulte (a former Ansteorran bard, whose now far from home).

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