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Kathy Elliott k.elliott at
Tue Jan 9 18:10:18 PST 2001

As the Bard of the Stargate, I am interested in establishing once-a-month
bardic workshops.  They would be open to all current (and aspiring) bards,
or to anyone else who just wants to come and listen.

These workshops would be a different format than the circles currently held
at fighter practice; this would be a place to try out new pieces on an
audience, and to request constructive criticism on performances.

The tentative day & time is the fourth Monday of every month from 7:00 pm -
? (sometime before midnight - I have to work!)  They would be held at my
home, which is convenient to both Stargate and the Loch.

I would also be interested in having guest speakers come each month - for
the first 30 minutes or so - to address different topics such as period
instruments, how to host a bardic circle, great storytelling tips,
Ansteorran history, etc.

I am posting this to the Bards List for two reasons:
1.)	If you live nearby, to invite you to the workshops, and to check the
convenience of the day and time.
2.)	To see if anyone in other parts of the kingdom has had success with
anything similar.

Many thanks,

HL Katerina Aretino
Bard of the Stargate

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