FW: Bards - Do any of you remember?

Karen Setze ksetze at ydr.com
Tue Jan 23 15:18:39 PST 2001

> Could you be referring to a song called "spices & gold"?
> So we sailed that roman lake,
> that the caliph called his own,
> And we taught that bastard how to cry,
> Blood and gold steel and fire,
> Burned the shoreline to the stone,
> And the sons of Islam learned to die,

Yes, yes, that is the song!

> Because I wrote it a number of years ago, in a previous incarnation in the
> SCA.  As you can see, it refers to raiding the Mediterranean
> Bersi
> AKA Pubear of Bjornsborg

So what is it about Bjornsborg that it has produced at least two premier

But since it's your song, could I get a copy of  the words, and do you have
sheet music? Or do you have a recording of a performance that I could send a
tape to get a copy?
Does Master Cynric have a copy?

I just recently got a CD from him with "Song of the Bordermen" on it and may
soon wear it out!

And let me express my respect for your skills as a wordsmith. I like that song's
imagry and powerful phrasing.

Yseulte T.

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