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Paul DeLisle ferret1 at cox-internet.com
Tue Jul 10 17:24:41 PDT 2001

> I have recently moved to the Barony of Bryn Gwlad from the North Eastern
> reaches of An Tir.  As my songbooks slowly emerge from the riot of boxes
> strew about the apartment, I begin to wonder what kind of music is typical
> here...
> Back home in An Tir we often would reference a book called the Elf Hill
> Times Songbook, or would look for old folk songs (or old-sounding folk
> songs).  There was some effort to document music, but not much of what was
> typically performed could actually be dated to period.
> Can anyone offer suggestions on what type of music is most appreciated
> here?  I realize that this may be difficult in this medium, but any
> assistance would be appreciated.

	Well, first, welcome to Ansteorra, m'Lady! ...Ahh, the Elf Hill Times
Songbook...that brings back memories...(It's still in the Bardic References
section of my library, too!)
	What do we do here...Well, in Ansteorra, We do all sorts of bardic. The
High Persona/Period Police/Authenticity Nazi/types will tell you that we
*only* perform proper, period pieces (preferably French Chansons, or
something in one of the twenty-three Welsh meters), and everything else is
*severely* frowned-upon.  OTOH, the Fun Mavens/Boozehounds/Tunic-N-Sneakers
crowd will tell you that that's all hooey, and that we *really* only like a
good round of "What Shall We Do With A Drunken Viking", "Old Time Religion",
or "Bohemian Rhapsody".
	As in most things, the truth lies somewhere between the Elder Edda, and
"Stairway to Gilligan's Island". We like all sorts of pieces. *Good* Bardic
circles (IMNSHO) are made up from all kinds of stuff (although "Stairway to
G.I." is probably a good one to leave *off* the playlist...) We generally
don't do "modern" folk...but the occasional Peter Bogle song, or Rudyard
Kipling (the Patron Saint of SCA bards) has been known to creep in. Try your
best for a period *feel*, at the very least.
	Competitions, OTOH, are a horse of a different color. Don't try to perform
"Good Ship Venus", or "Lemon Tree" (by Peter, Paul and Mary), and expect to
make it past the first round (or out of the hall...) The standards for
periodicity are *much* higher in competition (as they should be.)
	However, from what I've heard from the Bards of AnTir, I think that at
least half of your repertoire would be eminently acceptable at any Bardic
Fire (...And most of the other half would probably be acceptable after
midnight, when the kids have gone to bed!)
The end result: Bring your stuff, and come and entertain!
	Look forward to hearing you!

	In Service, I remain
	Alden Pharamond
	Rosenfeld, Ansteorra
	(and known to perform this-and-that, here-and-there...)

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