[Bards] Bardic Day at War is Thursday!!

Tim Jennings talisman at freespace.net
Mon Jul 30 20:40:08 PDT 2001

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Hello:) This is just a (group) reminder and update on what's happening at War on Bardic Thursday. If you have any questions or need anything/more information, please don't hesitate to write...and pass the info along to your friends!!!


Unto the Good gentles of the Knowne World does Garraed Galbraith send
warmest greetings,

As many of you may know, The Pennsic Theatre is proud to host an exhibition
of the Bardic Arts (Song, Story, Poetry relevant to the culture of the
Society), on the Thursday of
War week (August 16th) from 1-5pm. Any gentles interested in participating
should contact me directly at talisman at freespace.net or at 519 763 4259.
Please note that we will be attempting to showcase as many original works as
possible, so please include a description of your entry/ies in your email.

However, Thursday is turning into an
all day Bardic symposium around this exhibition.

In the morning, a Knowne World Bardic Arts Forum will be held from 9am-11am
at Loud Tent.

This will be a panel discussion with such notables as Master Iospeh of
Locksley, Mistress Morganna bro Moranwg, Master Aaron Swiftrunner, Master
Hector of the Black Height, Master Efenwealt Whystle, Mistress Dorigen of
the Grey Gate, Mistress Fianna of Claire, Mistress Pasha Starling Mayfair,
Master John Inchingham (TBconfirmed), Mistress Wyndreth Berginsdottir
(TBConfirmed), the 'soon to be' Mistress Marian of Heatherdale (don't miss
her elevation at Pennsic Great Court!), and a host of others, who will be
participating throughout the day.

At the forum, a Bardic Challenge for the day will be offered, with
presentations being done in the evening, over supper.

After the Exhibition,  there will be a dinner for any bardagh interested
(simple faire of pasta or some such)
at Ealdormere encampment (Hosted through the kindness of their Lupine
Magesties, Roak and Carlotta) at approximately 6pm. This will be followed by
the knowne world bardic press gang/wandering circle. (We hear that the
Northshield Open House that evening is a good place for bards:)

The Aethelmarc Bardic Challenge is also that evening (please contact Lord
Michael Alewright, Sylvan Bard of AEthelmearc for details).

Please post this information to anyone you think would be interested. And
remember, Thursday the 16th is Bardic Day at War!

Thank you for your indulgence, and your support

Yours in Service
Garraed Galbraith
Coordinator - Bardic Exhibition, Pennsic Theatre


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