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The following workshops sponsored by the Houston Public Library are free,
and open to anyone interested in storytelling.
Beginners' Circle Storytelling Workshops

Purpose: To encourage and enable beginning and novice storytellers to tell
stories, and to thereby promote the growth of storytelling in families,
schools, and communities. To possibly spin off special interest groups that
could pursue further development along lines of their own choosing.

Description: The workshop series will employ a combination of presentations,
discussions, and guided exercises. It will introduce and demonstrate major
concepts in story sourcing and story development. Students will learn about
different styles of telling and how to develop styles uniquely their own.
Finally students will be guided in the use of teller-controlled feedback, a
non-threatening coaching technique that can be used effectively in a group

Place and time: Montrose Branch Library, Thursdays from 7-9 PM, on April 5,
12, 19, and 26. The Montrose Branch Library is located at 4100 Montrose, one
block north of Richmond. Free covered parking is available behind the
library after 6 PM.

Important: Since this is a sequenced series of linked workshops, it is
strongly suggested that students plan on attending all four. 

Cost: Totally free. 

Finding Stories to Tell - Thursday, April 5, 2001
Where to find good, tellable stories: discovering the hidden source
Genies and Genre: what kind of stories to tell
Promoting your own passion: when stories call to you
Ethics, courtesy, and copyright: what you need to know

Developing Stories - Thursday, April 12
Elements common to really good stories: how to be effective
Putting the pieces together: filling in the gaps
Adapting written stories to oral telling: what's the difference
Learning the story: how to get it down cold
Managing time limits: why and how

Styles and Methods of Story Presentation/Performance - Thursday, April 19
Reading your audience: audience types
Venue types: football stadiums to living rooms
Amplification and microphone technique: not rocket science
Movement and gesture: a few simple things that work
Finding one's own voice: using it well
Handling mistakes: we all make them - what to do

Coaching, Feedback & Critique - Thursday, April 26
Quality v quantity: what is important?
Intuitive criticism: how to do more harm than good
Teller-controlled feedback: feels good and it works

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