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I know it's very mundane, but do you think it would be possible to record
some of the old stories on tape, either at someone's home or even at an
event in private or very discreetly. It's difficult to remember some of
these tales from hearing them only once, and it might make it possible for
some of the bards in the farthest reaches of the kingdom to hear and carry
on the stories of past events. I know this has been done in the past with
Ansteorran songs, but I've never heard tapes of the stories. Perhaps we
could even get a collection from many different sources - Bards, Nobles,
Peers, Lions, and just people who've played in this kingdom for a long time.
Eventually it could all be written down perhaps. It's just an idea, feel
free to disagree, change, or add to it.

HL Bella

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> Greetings Brothers & Sisters,
> I have been following this recent discussion with interest.  At one time,
> Cedric the Fiddler recited the royal lineage at one of the coronations.
> This is just one way that bards can keep our past alive.
> I agree with Robert:  most of our "history resides only in the memories",
> and unless we strive to remember them, they will will eventually be lost.
> Every experience is important!  The small remembrances of a camp lined
> pine cones, the great rememberances of a warrior-baron shouting in a
> thunderstorm, and everything in between.
> I'm reminded of the 12th century Geoffrey of Monmouth, who wrote a
> of the Kings of Britain".  We may never know what materials or stories he
> used, but he created a mythical and memorable account, which is used by
> historians to this day.  That is our challenge.
> This is a project that could be shared between us, but it could also be
> undertaken by each individual.  It is often multiple accounts of a
> historical event, which gives the remembrance a delightful texture.
>                               Thomas
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> >
> >Robert Fitzmorgan wrote (in part):
> >
> >       I would love to learn the stories of our Kingdoms history.  I have
> >been thinking about how much of our history resides only in the memories
> >people who will, sadly, leave us someday.
> >       There should be a history of our kingdom, and who better than our
> >bards to preserve it?   I hope that other bards in other regions will
> up
> >this challenge.
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