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Paul DeLisle ferret1 at
Thu Mar 22 17:40:17 PST 2001

Master Lucais:

Greetings!....I feel for this gentle...not only did I (in my relative SCA
youth) hail from both Ffynnon Gath, *and* Mendersham, but I lived not
terribly far (then) from his home (now), as well! I have always had an open
offer: If anyone desires any piece or set of pieces from my Bard's book, all
they have to do is ask for them by name (or description.) His E-mail was not
included in this post....but if you would forward it to me, I would be happy
to help out!

In Service, I remain
Alden Pharamond
Rosenfeld, Ansteorrra

> I am forwarding this post to the Bards List.  Can we help him?
> Lucais

> > > Greetings my lady,
> > >
> > > I am Caedmon Hawke, born unto the last century in what was
> then the tiny
> > > canton of Ffynnon Gath. Having mired myself into the land of
> the mundane for
> > > far too long, I have come into the company of the fine lords
> and ladies of Mendersham.
> > >
> > > But lost to me are the many cherished songs of my youth, the
> parchments of
> > > which I no longer possess. Is there place on this magical machine from
> > which I might acquire the minstel's words set to script?
> > > I am forever grateful for thy service.
> > > Many Thanks & Good Day,
> > > Caedmon
> > > (Bobby Horecka, 3150 S. 12th Street, Abilene, TX 79605)

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