[Bards] Ryn's tacky thingy

aethelstan aethelstan at mmcable.com
Mon Oct 8 12:06:10 PDT 2001

Why you might just be correct....however you can't prove anything.......I've
used soap and water since then... thus not tacky anymore!!! :)

I know it doesn't happen very often, but the norseman who sold the soap too
me told me it cleans up all signs of implication, and norsemen know all
about things like that.  And it only cost me the looting of a few
churches....what a deal!!

Aethelstan (the clean and guiltfree)
ps while your still in that thar hole....you mind shoveling a bit
faster...we're still on the clock you know....(ducking and dodging right

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> Yes, it is...  It's what got me here.... a tacky story.  I think you were
> one of the main characters.
> Ryn

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