[Bards] Ryn's tacky thingy

Ren Picard kateryne_la_esclopiera at juno.com
Mon Oct 8 12:52:00 PDT 2001

No, Mr Bill, you are sadly mistaken, it couldn't be my best friend and
confidant Yoshiie for gods are not allowed to sink that low.  If they do
exhibit such gutteral behavior, it would be called a whem.  Whems
produced by gods are often amusing and forms of inspirational wahoos, so
this situation is neither amusing or inspirational so he could not be in
the gutter of which I am digging...

On Mon, 8 Oct 2001 14:22:40 -0700 "Charley W Brown" <Chass at lakewebs.net>
> That's not me down there I do believe it be Yoshi. Hmm should you
> plant the
> Shovel there?? lol And for that I will steal your crutch, and if you
> do come
> to Margrave I wont share my latest batch of Melomil lol. Btw I am
> experimenting with White Grape. :)
> Chass
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