[Bards] Bjornsborg 25th

pubear pubear at ev1.net
Mon Oct 8 18:47:50 PDT 2001

Hi yall, just wanted to tell everybody again about the bardic at the
bjornsborg 25th.  I ended up running it, and thought it would be nice to do
something different.  You see, this time heroes can be anybody, including
bards and artisans.  So we're going to have a guildhall, where you get up
and perform from the moment you stand up.  And the emphasis will be on doing
it in persona.

The key idea here is for a bard/musician to be able to display the "talents"
of a heroic performer.  The guildhall will be inside our new VBFT(Very big
f***king Tent).  This sucker's monstrous.  We'll have refreshments.  Yes I
said FREE FOOD!!!  Everybody will be encouraged to perform and teach and
generally have a blast.  This idea originally came from trying to figure out
how to present the a&s, and since we usually don't get a whole lot of time
to be on stage at events, I thought this would sound cool.

Anyway, here is the previous text.  Pay attention to the cultured wording.
I worked hard on that thar piece(grin).
I would like to tell the bards of ansteorra about the wonderful way we plan
on doing bardic at the "heroes" event or bjornsborg's 25th.  Besides an
evening bardic hosted by Baron Emrys telling of our history, and a stage set
in a miniature stonehenge.  Master Cynric likes to make things out of
concrete and straw.  Rock also, there's a lot of rocks there.  But I
digress.  For probably the most interesting thing will be the guildhall of
St Catherine and St Barbara.

Some of you might have heard about this, since it was originally thought up
for the artisans of Ansteorra to show their skills in persona.  When I
undertook to run the bardic for the event, I thought that this would be an
excellent oppurtunity for bards and musicians and performers of all types.
Refreshments will be provided, and the guildhall will be under our VBFT(very
big f**** Tent).  It's really huge.

The idea will be that the bard or artisan will enter the guildhall, be
signed in by the clerk, and then will be allowed to get up on stage and
perform before guildmasters.  The interesting thing, is that the emphasis
will be on well you do this in persona.  This is an important thing, because
unlike past events, the heroes can be bards, artisans, rapier fighters, etc.
Even someone walking down the road.  It all depends on whether you are a
hero in the eyes of the hidden judges.  The guildmasters will be asked to
give out recommendations to the judges and others.

I would also personally like to see musicians that want to perform for
ambiance, bards willing to perform any and all concerned and teachers. Trust
me, having existed without any training, probably everyone that reads this
something to teach.  Please come on down and have a blast.

 Myself and Lady Alexandria Doyle, as stewards for this guildhall
would like it to be memorable and something worthy for such an important

I strongly encorage everyone's participation

AKA Pubear of Bjornsborg
"No matter where you go...  There you are..."

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